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Giving Back


Dine with us on selected dates and half of all sales will be donated to
a local organization or school.


Making a Difference

Our Story

The Krave Kobe Burger Grill® concept was developed by Ardy & Fariba whose passion was to provide the highest quality food at reasonable prices. While they have always felt that eating fast food is not the way you fuel your body for all the negative reasons, however, the plan was to overcome these challenges and remove any negative vibes surrounding the fast food industry.

Ardy & Fariba grew up in an environment where all the food came from natural resources. Even as the young couple began their journey back in the early days, they often looked for distributors that provided all natural food products that were free of any hormones, antibiotics and other harmful preservatives that are known to cause health issues. They feel many fast food chains are not focusing on quality and fine ingredients due to higher cost associated with their food products. However, it was realized that no matter how we think as consumers when it comes to our own health, we often take short cuts to save a few pennies. It will certainly not be worthwhile to play the conservative game on our own body and health. They were also very much inspired by their Son’s Niven, whose culinary and creative wisdom drove them to develop this concept.

This was a very strong reason why Ardy & Fariba decided to introduce The Krave Kobe Burger Grill. With many years of owning franchise restaurants and extensive food background, they decided to start this new journey that will leave a legacy for doing the right thing and providing the community with the highest quality vegetables, poultry and beef that are all 100% all natural produced in the most ethical environment yet affordable without the big fancy restaurants high prices.

We are very proud to partner with some of the top vendors when it comes to selection of the finest meat and produce.

Our standards when selecting our meat vendor:

  1. To work with the largest Network of US Family Farmers and Ranchers with the highest level of Ethics and Integrity in raising their animals.
  2. Never given any Antibiotics or Hormones…EVER!
  3. Feed their animals the finest all Vegetarian Feeds
  4. Always All Natural and Wholesome


Giving Back

Join us once a month for Krave Kares

As part of our mission to make a difference to the community by offering affordable, natural dining choices, it is also our goal to give back.

Krave KaresJoin us once a month for our Krave Kares Charity program. Dine with us on selected dates and times and and half of all sales will be donated to a local charity, organization or school.

Each month a different organization is selected so visit a manager in the store to see a donation list and nominate your group today.

Crowds lined up outside a Krave restaurant for Krave Kares